What to prepare for Antarctica trip


Antarctica is undoubtedly a unique place to visit. Although the location is known for it’s freezing weather, it is home to some of the most breathtaking and rare views of glaciers, icebergs and ice waterways.
It also has plenty of wildlife on land and underwater. Due to the extreme weather in Antarctica, it’s important to be prepared before travelling.


As mentioned, travelling to Antarctica will require safety precautions due to extreme weather and dangerous surroundings. All travel companies will be equipped with safety guidelines to make your travel safe while you’re in Antarctica. It’s important to read and the guide and take them seriously in case of emergencies.


Being protected while you’re in Antarctica is necessary. If you’ve never been to Antarctica before, you’ll need to be aware of the intense ultraviolet light which can harm us if we’re not protected. To ensure you are protected, don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses.


The weather is going to be cold and chilly, that’s why it’s important to bring the right clothes for this kind of weather. Ideally, we recommend bringing clothes that will keep you warm throughout your journey. Don’t forget to bring a thick coat, gloves, socks, a hat and walking boots. Layering up will also help with keeping warm.


Did you know that visiting Antarctica doesn’t require any visa? You’ll only need to bring the necessary documents including your passport and your health insurance. If you’re travelling by cruise, you will still need to bring your travel documents.


Antarctica is filled with many breathtaking scenes that you can only see once in a lifetime. Bringing a camera to capture and video your journey will be essential if you want to remember and look back on your travels. If you’re a serious photographer, we recommend bringing extra long lenses as this is ideal for capturing nature or wildlife from a distance.

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