Best Top 10 European Countries to Travel During COVID

As we are easing back into the norm, many of us are eager to get back into travelling. With the constant fluctuation of travel restrictions and dependencies on your COVID test results and vaccination status, it makes you question which European countries are accessible for tourist travel.

Although it’s still not recommended, over 100 destinations in Europe are open for visitors. It won’t hurt to start planning now, save up, and do extensive research to create the perfect European country bucket list. If you’re fully vaccinated, and Covid-safe for travel, an official European Union Green List of tourist destinations deemed safest is being prepared for travellers that are eligible for vaccination passports.

So without further ado, here’s our guide to the top 10 European countries to travel to during Covid.


A top hotspot amongst British travellers, Malta was the first European nation to fully vaccinate its population, making the lush Mediterranean island officially open to countries of the EU. With its regular sunny climate throughout the year, the island is the perfect haven for nature lovers, sports, food lovers and history enthusiasts, especially if you want to escape the UK’s Autumn and Winter blues. The Maltese government has adhered to effective regulations to keep its population safe and allow visitors with a vaccination certificate.


Throughout the heaviest period of the pandemic, Georgia was amongst the safest destinations due to the Georgian government’s decision to close its borders for the local population’s safety and travellers. The vibrant Haussmannian architecture of Tbilisi is enough to convince travellers to pack up and explore one of Eastern Europe’s hidden travel destinations.


With the country boasting 78 archipelagos and known for its medieval architecture style, Croatia is rich in timeless town squares, picturesque churches, quaint streets and history. Croatia is opening its borders for any green list of EU citizens who can provide vaccination certificates and negative test results. During the pandemic’s peak, the Croatian islands held their fort, remained in the green zone, and kept their population safe.


Known for its world-renowned casinos, tennis, relaxing beaches, and the colourful Mediterranean city backdrop, the city of Monte Carlo, has something to offer for every traveller. The French principality country has one of the lowest covid cases with only 21 deaths and 1,787 since the start of the pandemic, thus making it one of the safest and highly regulated destinations in Europe.


A destination full of cultural heritage, exceptional mountain ranges and endless resorts to visit in the Ionian islands, Greece is a timeless destination that many travellers worldwide favour. As early as May 2021, Greece was among the few European countries to accept tourist and international travel. European citizens visiting the islands are not required to quarantine unless they test positive during the airport covid test procedure.


Iceland was one of the first European countries to approve the use of vaccination certificates and passports, so it’s worth treating yourself to a summer trip to this nature-loving country and breathe the crisp Icelandic air. The vast isolated country offers many unique and ‘out of this world’ experiences like the black sand beaches of Vik, geysers, jaw-dropping waterfalls and therapeutic lagoons to soothe your body after a long day of exploring.


The country’s fully vaccinated island destinations include the Azore Islands and the volcanic island of Corvo; there are plenty of exclusive resorts to visit within Portugal’s Azores archipelago. The two autonomous regions have plenty of rugged mountain hiking trails and exotic white sand beaches for travellers looking to explore beautiful nature during the day and unwind by the sea at night. EU travellers that can present a negative test ahead of arrival can visit Portugal quarantine-free.



The country’s authorities have successfully contained the effects of the pandemic without fully closing down all activities, allowing restaurants and bars to remain open most of the time. Although Spain has not made it in the UK’s green list, it’s only a matter of time since the Ministry of Trade and Tourism is moving towards introducing the vaccination certificate. Visiting the country will guarantee exceptional Spanish cuisine, sunny blue skies, and warm hospitality from the locals. So make sure to go ahead and start planning your Spain travel bucket list.


Denmark introduced vaccination passports in the European Union, allowing the locals to gain access to mass public exhibitions, concerts and other public gathering events. Additionally, the system was implemented in restaurant bookings and health services, making the country one of the safest and highly regulated destinations to visit during covid. With plenty of landmarks and points of interest to see, like the city of Copenhagen or a day trip to Billund’s Lego House, travellers will indeed have a busy itinerary to follow during their stay.


Another Scandinavian country that pioneered vaccine passports for travellers and domestic life, Sweden, is a must-visit for culture, food and outdoor activities. The nature-loving nation invites outdoor enthusiasts to roam and camp wherever they want – provided that they do so responsibly and respectfully. This right gives visitors to Sweden a unique opportunity to explore every corner of the country.

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