Unique and Underrated Tourist Destinations

Maybe you’re a fan of travelling and experiencing new things, but visiting famous cities and seeing iconic buildings isn’t that interesting to you. If you’d prefer to discover the unknown and see some spectacular sights that aren’t so overwhelmed with tourists, consider some of these unique options.

Pancake Rocks, New Zealand

New Zealand as a whole is a stunning yet underrated tourist destination, partly due to its distance from Europe. However, Pancake Rocks is a prime example of an incredible sight (millions of years in the making) that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Sichuan, China

Home of The Giant Buddha (a 233-foot statue carved into the side of a mountain over 1,200 years ago), Sichuan is one of China’s most impressive tourist destinations, but it isn’t one of the most mainstream. If you’re interested in Chinese history and culture, consider a trip here.

Quinta de Regaleira, Portugal

Close to Sintra, the unique historic town, is the incredible Regaleira Palace and its network of inter-connected attractions. This complex was built to impress, and it certainly does to this day. The deep pits and tunnels of the Inititation Wells are absolutely unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

This destination offers one of the most unique and spectacular sights you’ll ever experience. This “cotton castle” is filled with natural spring waters, and visitors are welcome to bathe or swim in the warm water while admiring the incredible spectacle of the place.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

Blue holes can be found in various diving hotspots around the globe, but the deepest is this one situated at Long Island in the Bahamas. You’re sure to see an incredible range of sea creatures here alongside the breathtaking natural seascape.

Cancun Underwater Museum

Another aquatic tourist spot that isn’t particularly well known is the underwater museum at Cancun. All the sculptures and works or art on display under the sea are made from special materials which encourage coral to grow, which has created an incredible scene filled with marine life.

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