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Looking For a Holiday Experience? Take Tours in Port Antonio, Jamaica


In our effort to relief you of the ground work that comes with finding great holiday destinations, we have discovered a gem in one of the many picturesque Jamaican beaches – Port Antonio. Believe it or not, taking tours in Port Antonio, Jamaica, is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Here are some of the unique experiences waiting for you should you choose to visit this amazing Caribbean paradise.


The Amazing Choice of Port Antonio Tours

To get started, you can take a tour to the secret caves of Port Antonio. This is truly a hike to remember, as you will have the chance go against one of the most challenging terrains and get the reward of seeing one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets. As a daredevil, the entire excursion should be quite a thrill as well.

If you are a bird lover, you will love Port Antonio. Once you sign up for a birdwatching tour, you will get up-close-and-personal with vast, intriguing, and unique Caribbean bird species. In your birdwatching tour, you will also have a trained ornithologist at hand to help you identify various bird species, including the Jamaican national bird, the Jamaican streamer tail hummingbird.

A Rio Grande rafting tour is also one of the things you will enjoy while touring this popular destination in Jamaica. Besides the thrill of an adrenaline-inducing outdoor adventure, you will also get to see the best of Jamaican natural scenery. While at it, you will also get to view the breath-taking 100-foot Fox Falls waterfall.