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Thinking Of Leaving The UK?

It’s one thing to travel the world and enjoy new experiences in different countries. Of course we highly encourage this and it’s often not as scary as people think when they haven’t had much (or any) experience travelling.

However, if you’re thinking of permanently leaving the UK, this is a whole new matter! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be thinking of doing this, but it is a subject that deserves careful consideration before you make any firm commitments. When looking to move to another country on a full time basis, there will be many factors to consider.

Here are some of the most relevant stats regarding moving away from the UK.

Every year, roughly two million people in the UK will move to a new home.

Of these, around 15-20% will be emigrating to a different country.

More than half of people leaving the UK do so because of work, with other less common factors being education or joining someone else abroad

It’s understandable to consider moving away from home if you have a better job or other great opportunities waiting for you abroad. That said, many people also leave the country without much of a real plan, and although this is risky it can certainly work out well if you’re highly adaptable.

Some of the factors you really need to consider before actually going ahead include the following questions. You should make sure you have answers to all of these questions if you want to feel well-prepared.