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France’s Beautiful Island of Corsica


If you’re a beach lover, then Corsica will definitely be one of the ideal places for you to go on vacation. Situated off the Western coast of Italy in Sardinia, this French territory is a brilliant location for both hikers and divers. It has sparkling waters packed full of sea life and an island with hilltop chalets, dense forests, tiny seaside villages, valleys, beaches, bays and mountains. It’s a beautiful Mediterranean hideaway for anyone that’d like a little break from reality and the chance to explore an environment that’s both totally new and stunning.

One of the biggest reasons why people visit Corsica is to take advantage of its amazing beaches. Grab yourself a place on the white sand in the sunlight, and take a swim in the ocean’s cool waters. Corsica is also home to the Fesch Meseum, a fine arts museum made by the uncle of Napoleon I, Cardinal Joseph Fesch, which is inclusive of a huge collection of Italian paintings from the likes of artists such as Bellini and Botticelli. Another great aspect of Corsica is that the city of Calvi is located just to the northwest coast, offering plenty of art galleries, shops, restaurants and cobblestone streets.