What to Take When Glamping in the UK

What to Take When Glamping in the UK

What Exactly is Glamping?

There is a good chance you may have heard of Glamping. Even if you are not too familiar with the concept, you might guess from the name that it is a mixture of camping and glamour. Your bedroom will become a tent, but in more luxurious settings then a normal camping session! Not only can you expect your bedroom surroundings to be more glamorous, the facilities will be too. Unlike the other style of camping, you will not just be in the middle of an average field, with a typical tent and very limited facilities. Glamping could suit, for example, those who want to take a trip somewhere and camp out, stay at one of the increasing amounts of beautiful glamping locations, and still have all their home comfort facilities to hand. You get to use the services of the campsite, but also provide for yourself using your own equipment, sort of halfway between camping and your home!

What do you Pack? Glamping The Essentials.

Okay, so some of the things you might like to pack for your glamping adventure may not be too dissimilar to a typical camping trip, but you also have other options.

Firstly, and perhaps most obvious you should take a good bag. One that is durable and can hold plenty is ideal but is not too heavy for you to carry, a rucksack type could be ideal. You might want a large one for the bulk, then a smaller one to carry with you during the day.

You might like to bring some extra smallish containers to keep safe any odds and ends. To keep drinks or certain cold foods cool, an ice chest is a great idea, and if you are glamping when the weather is very warm, you’ll be very thankful for it!

Now you need to consider what bedding to take, a tent cannot measure up exactly as a regular bedroom, but you can do your best! Pick a sleeping bag, pillows, duvet, etc. You might like to take an air mattress, it will be a good idea to take a repair kit though as they easily get punctures! You can take folding furniture if you have room for it (like everything on this list, do check what you glamping accommodation already provides first). Although you will want to recreate a bedroom that is as cosy as you can hope for, you are limited space-wise!

Take plenty of spare batteries for any electrical equipment you may want, such as torches or other lighting devices. Remember to take sufficient supplies of food and drink-items that are suitable for camping and will not go off, as well as cooking utensils, and items for cleaning. Bring a wash bag full of all your washing essentials and enough clothes to last for the duration. Think about what tools you might need, such as a swiss army knife, a compass, a fire extinguisher, watch/clock, a fishing rod for example. And finally, but also importantly, think of any entertainment to take like a good book, cards, crosswords, magazine, kindle, radio, football/cricket set to play, etc.

Our Top 10 Tips for first time Glamping

  1. Pick Your Campsite Carefully

Not all campsites are the same; each will have varying landscape styles, features and sizes. Some campsites will offer services that others do not. So that you find the campsite that suits you, online research is highly recommended. If you want to visit a particular part of the world, search glamping areas in that location. For instance, fancy Luxury Glamping in Yorkshire? Glamping in York is a great choice as there are some wonderful sites there to explore, and you can research them just by Googling ‘Glamping in Yorkshire’.

  1. Get The Tent Right

If you bring your own tent, or it is provided on site, you want to make sure it will be of suficent quality, otherwise it could ruin your experience. It needs to for example, keep you comfortable when bad weather hits. This will be your bedroom, so it needs to be protected enough while you sleep.

  1. Make Sure To Bring a First Aid Kit

Very important this. Incase you find yourself or one of your fellow glampers obtaining a cut or bruise, a first aid kit is a must.

  1. Make Sure To Pack Enough Essentials

Items such as batteries will be so important to keep any electrical devices going such as torches, and you’ll want to make sure you have enough cleaning equipment for any messes and spills that are likey to happen, and enough food and drink should be taken to keep all glampers fed and refreshed.

  1. Check The Weather For The Right Clothes.

Try and keep a close eye on the weather forecast right up to when you go so you can pack warm/cool clothes as required.

  1. Attach That Rainfly 

Again, each day you are camping keep an eye on that weather forecast. If it says it may rain in the night, you’ll need to make sure you have your rainfly attached to your tent to stop rain from leaking in.

  1. Light Your Fire

For when you need to light that fire, you may have to go on the hunt for twigs and shrubbery, but there is no guarantee they will be present on the site, so save yourself time by looking for them ahead of time, or keep a firestarter handy.

  1. Keep Bugs Out

Most people will not want bugs invading their tent, making themselves at home in your makeshift bedroom, but it is a very likely event. However, you can minimise the chances by making sure whenever you leave the tent you zip it fully closed.

  1. Stock Up On Ice

You can only bring so much ice to your trip, and it is likely it will eventually melt, but you may have food that must stay cool. With this in mind, it is a good idea to discover if there are any local shops you can stock up ice from before you begin your trip, some glamping sites may even offer ice for sale as a service.

  1. Keep Your Food safe!

Don’t forget you will be out in the wild, so if animals discover you have food, they may want in on it! To help keep it from being eaten, we suggest making sure, anytime you are leaving it unattended (such as when you go to sleep) make sure to keep it stored away, ideally, in containment the average animal can not gnaw through!

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