How To Get The Best From Your Camera While Travelling

The classic stereotypical is usually seen holding a camera and frantically taking snaps of everything they see. While there is a lot to be said for putting the lens down and taking in the experience while you’re actually present, it’s also highly recommended to keep some kind of photographic record of your trip when you travel to amazing places, perhaps for the only time in your life.

Having the right equipment will make a difference, but technique counts for more in the majority of cases. There’s no point having an expensive camera if you don’t make the best possible use of it while on your travels. Read on for some advice on this, and remember you can apply these tips to any type of camera and any type of holiday.

Take your camera everywhere

The biggest mistake people make when they own a good camera is to leave it behind when they’re exploring the world. You’re missing an opportunity to take some fantastic pictures! Maybe this is a good idea on certain dangerous trips, but in most cases you are better off having it with you. If you’re mostly using a smartphone this shouldn’t be a problem, and bear in mind that you can still improve your photos a lot by learning these tips.

Read the instructions first

Although you may know the basics of photography, most camera functions will be accessible in different ways on different makes and models. There is no substitute for reading the manual (unless you have a dedicated expert to teach you). Consider taking it with you on your trip, too! Many high-end camera manufacturers offer this in the form of an app, which is probably more convenient.

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What Exactly Makes Luxury Accommodation So Luxurious?

Wherever in the world you choose to travel, doing it in style is always a great added bonus. Many people wouldn’t dream of travelling unless everything about their journey and destination is well and truly first-class.

The rest of us are more likely to only treat ourselves to upgrades on rare special occasions, such as for a wedding or a particularly exciting trip of a lifetime. But maybe we would be better off paying for the upgrade more often to get the most out of all of our holidays? Here we try to figure out what exactly makes a luxury destination so special.

Choosing an award-winning destination

A great way to select a destination that really outshines the competition is to find out which resorts and hotels have recently won awards or been rated among the best in their region by influential critics. By following the advice of people with the highest standards, you’ll be more likely to find something truly stunning.

This is a great strategy for any destination, whether it’s a private getaway, a holiday with your kids or a trip with friends. For example, if you’re looking for a Greek family holiday, you might consider staying at one of the fabulous villas in the resort of Porto Zante, which has featured on many lists of luxury hotels Greece has to offer.

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Thinking Of Leaving The UK?

It’s one thing to travel the world and enjoy new experiences in different countries. Of course we highly encourage this and it’s often not as scary as people think when they haven’t had much (or any) experience travelling.

However, if you’re thinking of permanently leaving the UK, this is a whole new matter! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be thinking of doing this, but it is a subject that deserves careful consideration before you make any firm commitments. When looking to move to another country on a full time basis, there will be many factors to consider.

Here are some of the most relevant stats regarding moving away from the UK.

Every year, roughly two million people in the UK will move to a new home.

Of these, around 15-20% will be emigrating to a different country.

More than half of people leaving the UK do so because of work, with other less common factors being education or joining someone else abroad

It’s understandable to consider moving away from home if you have a better job or other great opportunities waiting for you abroad. That said, many people also leave the country without much of a real plan, and although this is risky it can certainly work out well if you’re highly adaptable.

Some of the factors you really need to consider before actually going ahead include the following questions. You should make sure you have answers to all of these questions if you want to feel well-prepared.

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Ideal Destinations for Travelling On A Tight Budget

There are expensive options and cheap options almost everywhere, but sometimes knowing a few simple tricks can allow you to visit and enjoy places around the world that you never dreamed were within your budget.

Here are some of the best destinations to consider visiting if one of your main priorities is keeping the cost of the trip to a minimum.


A European gem that isn’t talked about much, Portugal has a huge amount to offer the budget tourist. It has a fascinating and unique history, plus very friendly locals. The capital of Lisbon is quieter than most similar cities, which gives you a great opportunity to explore its charming streets, eat out every night and travel on the historic trams for hardly any money.


As an up-and-coming international tourist destination, many parts of China are starting to cost more than they used to for tourists, but that doesn’t stop it being one of the more affordable Asian destinations. This is especially true for cities deeper into the mainland.

South Korea

Another Asian holiday destination that’s slowly growing in popularity, people are becoming increasingly fascinated by the unique personality of South Korea. Food and drink are extremely affordable and there’s a huge amount of nightlife to enjoy, plus a rich and complex culture to immerse yourself in.

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Travel Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

The Gili Islands are a group of three miniature islands off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia. They are extremely popular among backpackers and tourists looking for unique adventures in the region.

Each of the Gili Islands offers something unique, although they are extremely close together, so typically many people will visit all three and stay for a short while on each island. Travel accommodation in Gili Trawangan, the largest of the three islands, tends to consist of hotels aimed at tourists from all over the world. There are dozens of high-end hotels on the island, and many of these are renowned for their outstanding levels of service.

Gili Meno is known as the most relaxed island here, since it has not been as extensively developed yet, but there are a small number of extremely well rated resorts. Accommodation here is more affordable than on the busier Gili Trawangan, since you may be further away from the action. Meanwhile, Gili Air is known as a relaxed and sociable island which offers something more alternative to the most tourist-friendly Gili Trawangan. Accommodation for travellers here isn’t the cheapest, but again it’s well-reviewed.

New resorts are being opened at a rapid rate, as the region is being quickly developed to increase its capacity for tourists and appeal to more visitors. However, this is limited by the available space and manpower, since there is little business to speak of other than what has been specifically developed for visitors to the area.

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Sweden’s Incredible ICEHOTEL


For those on the hunt for a truly special holiday destination, and with a preference for cooler locations rather than scorching hot beaches, we think we have the perfect option. ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is the Artic’s most impressive hotel by a mile, given that it’s entirely constructed from ice and snow. First constructed nearly 28 years ago, you can visit it every winter for a completely unique experience, since it has to be reconstructed every year!

 ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, SwedenSweden’s largest river, the Torne, is what makes the ICEHOTEL possible. During the winter, the river begins to freeze and huge quantities of natural ice have to be collected. Rather than importing or creating ice artificially, the naturally-formed Arctic ice is the preferred choice by those who work on creating ICEHOTEL every year. Creative artists from all over the world gather annually to produce the hotel in its new frozen form. The artists are chosen through a global selection process where they submit creative new ideas and come up with even higher standards than were set in previous years, despite the fact that their project can only stand for a few short months before eventually melting again.

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Disabled-Friendly Holiday Destination Reviews

Travelling should be something everyone can experience and enjoy, although if you have a disability this can affect your ability to do what other people take for granted. That said, it’s still possible to come up with a realistic and practical plan to help you achieve your dreams and travel the world even in the face of such an obstacle.

1) Firstly, you should consider looking for disabled holiday reviews on sites like Guide to Access, and finding information that’s specific to travellers looking for accessible destinations. Reading reviews written by other disabled tourists will tell you all you need to know about whether or not your destination will be suitable.

2) Remember that you know your own needs and limits better than anyone else. If you are honest and realistic about what you’re looking for, you will be more comfortable and find it easier to do what you want to do when you’re away.

3) Don’t leave it until the last minute if you have specific needs. Book in advance to secure the accommodation and travel arrangements you need, and you can also save money.

4) Discuss any travel plans with your doctor to make sure you are prepared for any eventuality. You may need to carry extra medication with you, and possibly information about what medication you need to take on a regular basis so as to inform anyone who has to assist you.

5) Travelling by plane can be particularly difficult for people with limited mobility or any kind of disability. You need to ensure your airline is informed about your needs so they can make appropriate arrangements, possibly with airport staff too.

6) Make a personal checklist of all the essential items you will need for travelling and when you arrive at your destination. You can also let your hotel or other accommodation management staff know what you need them to provide, if anything, and check this is all prepared in advance.

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Underwater Hotels

Atlantis The Palm

Are you getting bored searching through pages on the likes of Trip Advisor hunting for the most practical hotel to stay in during your holiday? Maybe you’re looking for something a little more exciting and impressive for a change of pace. Something you may not have considered is an underwater hotel… surely there can’t be many of those within your reach? In fact, you may be surprised just how many incredible choices there are. Take a look at a few of our favourite choices and see if you fancy visiting one of these for yourself.

Lovers Deep1) Lovers Deep

Join “The Mile Low Club” with a romantic undersea voyage on Lovers Deep, the submarine/hotel hybrid that takes you from the location of your choice on an exciting journey beneath the sea. It may be a little pricey, but in terms of uniqueness there’s no beating this. St. Lucia is the most common starting point for this luxury undersea trip, and the company running it specialises in honeymoon packages.

2) Subsix

Part of the Maldives’ high-end Niyama resort, the Subsix is a decadent and glamorous destination for sophisticated tourists who love a high-end party. Serving fancy cocktails at the impressive and futuristic bar below the Indian Ocean, this place offers one of the most fabulous undersea experiences in the world for its visitors.

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Visit Vibrant Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

When people think of visiting Brazil, there is a reason that Rio de Janeiro usually comes to mind. It’s one of the most culturally rich and exciting places in South America, and is the third largest city on the continent, plus it’s the number one most popular tourist destination south of the Equator! To find out why, one need only see it first hand and experience what’s on offer.

Near the Atlantic Ocean the cool winds make the heat more bearable compared to the more humid inland areas, but overall Rio enjoys hot weather almost all year round, with a rainy season during our northern winter (which is summer for the Southern Hemisphere). Thanks to the generally favourable conditions, the natural surroundings of the city have been able to flourish and the regional landscape is an incredible sight to behold for any tourists.

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Game of Thrones Inspired Holiday Destinations


If, like millions of others around the world, you are a huge fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, you will probably have wondered how the show’s creators managed to find some of the incredible locations used for the filming. Bringing the story to life as vividly as we see on the screen requires a great deal of thorough searching, but fortunately some incredible destinations were selected. Even better news is that you can actually visit most of them for yourself! Here are our top three picks if you want to take your devotion to the show to the next level of and see some of the spectacular destinations yourself.

Mdina1) Mdina, Malta

In the first episodes of GoT, the fictional city of King’s Landing needed to be represented by a real place in order to really capture the vision of the show’s creators. Fortunately, Mdina’s Medieval architecture (complete with a network of hidden underground tunnels) made it the perfect candidate. It’s a fascinating place to see in the real world since it was the original capital of the country.

2) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Replacing Mdina as the main set for King’s Landing in GoT’s second season, the older areas in this Croatian town are ideally suited to the show’s requirements. The historic features of the town have been looked after spectacularly well over the centuries, making it a real standout location in the heart of the Adriatic Riveria.

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