The Stunning and Reformed City of Medellín


Medellín boasts a very pleasant climate of about 24C and is now home to a selection of modern transport systems such as the Metro and Metro Cable. This efficient infrastructure has provided Medellín with the opportunity to be host to world-class events like IDB and OAS meetings. It’s situated inside a valley surrounded by a range of mountains, and the city always gives a warm welcome to any of its visitors.

Top 3 Places To Visit and Things To Do

1: Paragliding

Picture yourself soaring across the beautiful skies of Medellin – it’s just as beautiful as you’d imagine. Why not take a bird’s eye view of the city? Try to go early on in the day as the Medellin’s weather changes pretty frequently due to its position high in the mountains.

2: Botanical Gardens

Boasting around 40 acres of green space that’s dedicated to a wide range of plants and orchids, the garden is situated in an area that’s rife with people canoeing, riding bikes and also rowing. As well as this, the gardens are home to the Orchid Show every August (the same time as the flower festival!).

3: Museum of Antioquia

Host to many beautiful works by both Pedro Nel Gómez and the Medellin native artist, Fernando Botero. The museum is currently one of Medellin’s most visited tourist attractions and for very good reason.

Botero statue in Medellin
Botero statue in Medellin

The mountains surrounding the capital of Antioquia allow you to take a look at how the Medellín River runs alongside the Metro, which offers plenty of connectivity between much of the city. You won’t be at all hard-pressed to find one of the many public parks, museums, libraries and public spaces that are home to a lot of different cultural events. Believe it or not, flowers even have their own fair and the villages surrounding the area offer a simple life with relaxing nature reserves and beautiful landscapes.

One of the people of Antioquia’s most famed qualities is their ingenuity, so it’s not at all surprising that Medellín won the Wall Street Journal’s title as the most innovative city in their City of the Year contest. And for those that are after something a bit more modern, the City of Eternal Spring is a fantastic opportunity to browse a hugely expansive range of goods for those who’d like to visit an incredibly modern shopping mall.

Accommodation is plentiful. There’s a wide selection of hostels, green label hotels and boutique hotels. There are also many Holiday Villas in Medellín. If you’re looking for a holiday apartment in Medellín, you’re also going to be spoilt for choice.

Adults and families alike will find that there’s an abundance of things to do for entertainment and fun throughout Medellín and Colombia as a whole. Whether it’s the Ditaires Metropolitan Stadium or the stunning breeding grounds of Posada Arango Andres, you’ll always be spoilt for choice and every moment that you’ve got in the area can be put to very good use.

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