Luxury Catered Ski Chalets in La Plagne


In the popular Savoie region, you will find the breathtaking French ski destination La Plagne. Set in the perfect location for snowy natural ski slopes, the whole area is surrounded by picturesque mountains as far as the eye can see. In fact, the entire valley is known as one of the most spectacular locations in Europe for skiing. The Paradiski area comprises of both La Plagne and Les Arcs, two neighbouring resorts forming a single ideal destination for ski holidays in France.

chaletOne of your best options if you’re considering staying here is to opt for luxury catered ski chalets, and La Plagne offers some of the best you’ll find. We’ve managed to locate some real hidden gems that are a little more traditional and different compared to the newer, tourist-focused accommodation you’ll find across most ski resorts. For example, Chalet Genepy is one of a handful of large Catered Ski Chalets which is large enough to accommodate up to 13 people. It’s right next to the ski lift which takes you right up to the ideal location for practising your skills, allowing you to ski all the way back down to your accommodation! This is the kind of thing we would recommend looking for to get the most out of your holiday in the region. (more…)

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Why you should consider Belgrade for your next city break

Belgrade Fortress

When it comes to city breaks, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. But if you’re looking for a place that has something for everyone, Belgrade is the perfect choice. Belgrade is one of Europe’s most underrated capitals. From its stunning architecture and historical sights to its vibrant nightlife and delicious food, there’s something for everyone in this fascinating city. What’s more, Belgrade is surprisingly affordable, making it a great option for budget-conscious travellers.

Situated on the banks of the Danube River, Belgrade is easy to explore on foot. The old town is full of charming cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings that have been standing for centuries.

One of the highlights for visitors to Belgrade is taking a stroll down Skadarlija, a vintage street affectionately referred to as the Bohemian Quarter. Lined with old-style taverns and restaurants, galleries, antique and souvenir shops, it’s an excellent place to pick up some gifts, eat traditional Mediterranean food, and capture Instragram worthy pictures.

Some other notable attractions in Belgrade are the Kalemegdan Fortress which is home to the Military Museum, Ruzica Church and the Chapel of Sveta Petka, Saint Sava Temple in Vracar, and the Avala Tower.

If you’re looking for a relaxed day out, Knez Mihailova is the perfect place to explore in Belgrade. This pedestrianized street is home to a range of shops, bars and restaurants, including familiar and unfamiliar names. You can also take a stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens that run alongside it.

Novi Sad is another must-see destination in Serbia. This vibrant city is located just across the river from Belgrade, and is well worth a visit if you have time. One of the highlights is Petrovaradin Fortress, which offers stunning panoramic views over the cityscape.

There’s something about the Balkans that just makes you feel alive. The centuries-old architecture, winding streets, and passionate locals make it the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But what really sets Belgrade apart is the food and wine. The local cuisine is hearty and flavourful, and the wine scene is booming. There are dozens of wineries in the area, each with its own unique style.

If you’re looking to combine fine dining with fantastic views, the Sky Lounge at the Belgrade Hilton is an excellent choice. If you prefer Mediterranean dining combined with scenic surroundings, restaurants such as Kafe Seger and Nomad Bar & Bistro are just a short distance from Saint Sava Temple.

If you prefer to check out the local fast food, popular choices include Walter, Botako, and of course, McDonalds, which is a completely different experience to what we’re used to in England!

In conclusion, Belgrade is the perfect city break destination. It is a city that is rich in history and culture, and it offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs in the city where visitors can enjoy a night out. So if you are looking for a city break destination that has something for everyone, Belgrade is the perfect choice.

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Top Wheelchair Accessible Travel Destinations

For travellers with a disability, finding a travel destination that’s accessible can be challenging. To help you find your next destination, we’ve compiled a list of locations around the world that are disabled friendly and accessible.

San Diego

Most parts of the USA are relatively accessible due to the disabilities act placed 30 years ago. However, our favourite destination is San Diego. Most of the infrastructure is accessible, and they also offer a fully accessible trolley system around the area. They have plenty of attractions that are wheelchair friendly, including their historic Gaslamp Quarter and San Diego Zoo. If you’re looking for a summer type of holiday, their beach area is ideal as it’s fully accessible, and they even offer motorised wheelchairs available for hire. 


Most areas in the UK are disabled friendly. However, one of the most accessible cities in the UK is Manchester. The walking paths in the city were rebuilt back in the 90s; shops were built with step-less entrances with smooth pavements throughout. It’s perfect for anyone who requires mobility.

The public transport all around the UK and the city is fully accessible. If you prefer long walks and nature, you can visit the peak district national park. It’s an hour away from Manchester and offers accessible facilities. 


Melbourne has one of the best accessible public transport systems, making it one of the most accessible places in the world. Many of their attractions and necessities around the city are fully accessible, including their restaurants and accommodation. They are continuously building more attractions in the city with accessible facilities. 


Travelling to Asia can be difficult for travellers with disabilities as many countries in Asia aren’t accessible yet. However, Singapore is currently the only country in Asia that’s fully accessible. Many of Singapore’s infrastructure and buildings are built with step-less access. More renovations and attractions in the city are currently being improved and built with accessibility in mind.

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Unusual Things To Do In Berlin

The capital of Germany is the beautiful Berlin, dating back to the 13th century it is steeped in history and culture. Although there are restrictions on travel to the country during Covid 19 these restrictions are lifted.  If you haven’t visited the capital before we have listed a few exciting tours and things to do.

Hitler’s Berlin

Uncover Berlin’s turbulent history as the capital of the Third Reich on a 2-hour walking tour. Visit key street battles and the scars left behind. Visit the Gestapo Headquarters, Hitler’s Bunker, the holocaust memorial, the Reichstag, and other important historical sites. Read More

Canoe and Beer

A canoe trip through the heart of Kreuzberg, one of the city’s most fascinating and diverse neighbourhoods. Read More

Hip Street Food & Art Experience

Want to explore an alternative and underground side of Berlin and grab some food, coffee, and even a shot on the way? Then my all-new package tour might be just the right thing for you: Read More

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Travel Tips for Travellers with Disabilities

For any travellers, planning is an important part of travelling. If you’re someone with a disability, there are other factors you will need to consider to ensure your travel is hassle-free. Below are some of our tips on how to plan and make the most out of your travel.

Book in advanced

Booking in advance for your flight and hotel is one of the first things you need to do when travelling anywhere. Before you book, make sure to contact your travel agent and ask if they can accommodate your needs and requirements. For example, you may need to get a room on the ground floor or ask if they have a lift at your accommodation. 

Travel insurance

Before your travel, make sure you have travel insurance in place to cover you abroad in case of emergencies. Some travel insurance should cover your medical needs abroad. You can also look for insurance that will cover your belongings in case they get lost. 

Inform the airline

When travelling by plane, be sure to inform the airline and airport of your needs well in advance. On your arrival, head over to the helpdesk and make them aware of what your requirements are. In most airports, they can provide you with free mobility equipment. If you need someone to assist you around the airport, be sure to let them know beforehand.

Allow some extra time

If you’re a wheelchair user, you may need to allow yourself some extra time by arriving a few hours before your flight. The security and screenings throughout the airport may take longer than expected, so arrive early to prevent missing your flight. 

Learn the basic language

If you’re travelling somewhere where a foreign language is spoken, be sure to learn the basics. Being able to understand and speak the language is important when it comes to communicating your needs. Be sure to learn the words that you may need to use while you’re abroad. 

Bring extra medications and tools

For anyone with disabilities, be sure to pack extra medications while you’re abroad in case of emergencies. If you’re a wheelchair user, you should also look into bringing your tool kits and or extra batteries for electrical equipment.

Be prepared for emergencies

If you require medical attention while you’re abroad, it’s important to be prepared well ahead. For instance, you should write and prepare a list of all your medical information, including your emergency contact, insurance information, medications and other critical aspects of your disability. This information will be helpful in emergencies so that you can get the proper support that you require.

Research about your travel location

For some travellers with disabilities, you may be anxious about a new environment. To help you become familiar with the place you’re travelling to, you may want to research and learn as much as you can about the location beforehand. You can look at images or watch a video of someone else whose been there. 

You can also use an accessible app to find accessible revenues in the location you’re travelling to. You can plan an itinerary for the rest of your stay.

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What You Need to Know Before Travelling to Germany

Before you pack your bags and take the next flight to Germany, it’s always a good idea to learn a bit about local customs and travel etiquette for your trip. Germany is a beautiful country like no other, from efficient transport systems to mouth-watering cuisine and affordable beers, you’ll have a memorable time during your stay.

To make your trip go smoothly without any problems, we’ve compiled a list of valuable things you need to know before travelling to Germany. 

Make sure to pay and validate your train/metro/bus/tram tickets

Many tourists are caught off guard by Germany’s transport ticket system and its lack of security. Validating your tickets during a train ride is your responsibility, so make sure to pay and validate your ticket at all times by punching it in the machine. Ticket checkers can charge you a hefty fine if you get caught, even if you’ve bought your tickets but forgot to validate them.

Always have cash on you and extra to be safe

Many independent restaurants and shops don’t have card machines, and on the rare occasion that they do, some only accept German bank cards. This issue applies to some transport stations where specific stops accept credit cards, and some don’t. So make sure to exchange enough euros for your trip if you don’t want to waste time looking for an ATM to draw money and get charged a fee with a low exchange rate.

No shopping on Sunday

In most places in Germany, supermarkets, pharmacies and shops are closed on Sundays, so make sure to stock up on food and necessities beforehand. In general, make the most of Sundays by relaxing, taking peaceful strolls, catching up with friends in cafes, or exploring museums. Bars, restaurants and cafes are open all weekend, so you’ll have plenty of options to do on the day.

Learning a bit of German can go a long way

Although Germany is full of diversity in language and many can speak English adequately, this only applies in bigger cities like Berlin and Munich. So it’s ideal for you to learn basic phrases to help you feel at ease during your travels. Making an effort can help you earn the respect of locals, so make sure to carry a travel phrasebook at all times or download a language app.

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Best Top 10 European Countries to Travel During COVID

As we are easing back into the norm, many of us are eager to get back into travelling. With the constant fluctuation of travel restrictions and dependencies on your COVID test results and vaccination status, it makes you question which European countries are accessible for tourist travel.

Although it’s still not recommended, over 100 destinations in Europe are open for visitors. It won’t hurt to start planning now, save up, and do extensive research to create the perfect European country bucket list. If you’re fully vaccinated, and Covid-safe for travel, an official European Union Green List of tourist destinations deemed safest is being prepared for travellers that are eligible for vaccination passports.

So without further ado, here’s our guide to the top 10 European countries to travel to during Covid.


A top hotspot amongst British travellers, Malta was the first European nation to fully vaccinate its population, making the lush Mediterranean island officially open to countries of the EU. With its regular sunny climate throughout the year, the island is the perfect haven for nature lovers, sports, food lovers and history enthusiasts, especially if you want to escape the UK’s Autumn and Winter blues. The Maltese government has adhered to effective regulations to keep its population safe and allow visitors with a vaccination certificate.


Throughout the heaviest period of the pandemic, Georgia was amongst the safest destinations due to the Georgian government’s decision to close its borders for the local population’s safety and travellers. The vibrant Haussmannian architecture of Tbilisi is enough to convince travellers to pack up and explore one of Eastern Europe’s hidden travel destinations.


With the country boasting 78 archipelagos and known for its medieval architecture style, Croatia is rich in timeless town squares, picturesque churches, quaint streets and history. Croatia is opening its borders for any green list of EU citizens who can provide vaccination certificates and negative test results. During the pandemic’s peak, the Croatian islands held their fort, remained in the green zone, and kept their population safe.


Known for its world-renowned casinos, tennis, relaxing beaches, and the colourful Mediterranean city backdrop, the city of Monte Carlo, has something to offer for every traveller. The French principality country has one of the lowest covid cases with only 21 deaths and 1,787 since the start of the pandemic, thus making it one of the safest and highly regulated destinations in Europe.


A destination full of cultural heritage, exceptional mountain ranges and endless resorts to visit in the Ionian islands, Greece is a timeless destination that many travellers worldwide favour. As early as May 2021, Greece was among the few European countries to accept tourist and international travel. European citizens visiting the islands are not required to quarantine unless they test positive during the airport covid test procedure.


Iceland was one of the first European countries to approve the use of vaccination certificates and passports, so it’s worth treating yourself to a summer trip to this nature-loving country and breathe the crisp Icelandic air. The vast isolated country offers many unique and ‘out of this world’ experiences like the black sand beaches of Vik, geysers, jaw-dropping waterfalls and therapeutic lagoons to soothe your body after a long day of exploring.


The country’s fully vaccinated island destinations include the Azore Islands and the volcanic island of Corvo; there are plenty of exclusive resorts to visit within Portugal’s Azores archipelago. The two autonomous regions have plenty of rugged mountain hiking trails and exotic white sand beaches for travellers looking to explore beautiful nature during the day and unwind by the sea at night. EU travellers that can present a negative test ahead of arrival can visit Portugal quarantine-free.



The country’s authorities have successfully contained the effects of the pandemic without fully closing down all activities, allowing restaurants and bars to remain open most of the time. Although Spain has not made it in the UK’s green list, it’s only a matter of time since the Ministry of Trade and Tourism is moving towards introducing the vaccination certificate. Visiting the country will guarantee exceptional Spanish cuisine, sunny blue skies, and warm hospitality from the locals. So make sure to go ahead and start planning your Spain travel bucket list.


Denmark introduced vaccination passports in the European Union, allowing the locals to gain access to mass public exhibitions, concerts and other public gathering events. Additionally, the system was implemented in restaurant bookings and health services, making the country one of the safest and highly regulated destinations to visit during covid. With plenty of landmarks and points of interest to see, like the city of Copenhagen or a day trip to Billund’s Lego House, travellers will indeed have a busy itinerary to follow during their stay.


Another Scandinavian country that pioneered vaccine passports for travellers and domestic life, Sweden, is a must-visit for culture, food and outdoor activities. The nature-loving nation invites outdoor enthusiasts to roam and camp wherever they want – provided that they do so responsibly and respectfully. This right gives visitors to Sweden a unique opportunity to explore every corner of the country.

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Fun Things to Do in Stockholm Sweden


The city of Stockholm is one of the most beautiful in the world. With its classic charm and exciting nightlife, the city offers something for everyone. Having so many fun and interesting things to do can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we have helped narrow down the choices for you. Below is a list of the most fun things to do in Stockholm, Sweden.

Make Your Stay Memorable by Staying at Jumbo Stay

During your holiday in Stockholm, one of the best places to rest your bones is at Jumbo Stay. This unique hotel is actually a Boeing 747 that has been turned into a posh hotel. The hotel features 33 fabulous rooms including one that is the former cockpit of the plane.

Visit A Famous Warship That Sank on Its Maiden Voyage

Most warships that became famous spent years at sea fighting the good fight. However, the warship located at the Vasa Museum never made it to battle. Due to a serious flaw in the design, the Fun Things to Do in Stockholm Sweden sank to the bottom of the ocean and remained there for over 300 years. Now the beautiful but flawed warship is on display for the world to see and is one of the most visited attractions in all of Stockholm.

Enjoy A Drink at the Icebar

If you would like to try something a little different when visiting Stockholm, why not visit the Icebar? The Icebar which is located in Nordic C Hotel is always kept at -7 degrees no matter what time of year it is. Guests are given warm coats at the door to protect them from the freezing environment inside. In the pub, you will be surrounded by craved ice sculptures and served drinks in glasses made from solid ice. A few drinks with your mates at this truly unique pub is an experience you won’t soon forget.

These are just a few of the many fun attractions the city of Stockholm offers. If you come to Stockholm on holiday, please make sure you check a few of these out. You won’t be disappointed if you do!

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What to prepare for Antarctica trip


Antarctica is undoubtedly a unique place to visit. Although the location is known for it’s freezing weather, it is home to some of the most breathtaking and rare views of glaciers, icebergs and ice waterways.
It also has plenty of wildlife on land and underwater. Due to the extreme weather in Antarctica, it’s important to be prepared before travelling.


As mentioned, travelling to Antarctica will require safety precautions due to extreme weather and dangerous surroundings. All travel companies will be equipped with safety guidelines to make your travel safe while you’re in Antarctica. It’s important to read and the guide and take them seriously in case of emergencies.


Being protected while you’re in Antarctica is necessary. If you’ve never been to Antarctica before, you’ll need to be aware of the intense ultraviolet light which can harm us if we’re not protected. To ensure you are protected, don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses.


The weather is going to be cold and chilly, that’s why it’s important to bring the right clothes for this kind of weather. Ideally, we recommend bringing clothes that will keep you warm throughout your journey. Don’t forget to bring a thick coat, gloves, socks, a hat and walking boots. Layering up will also help with keeping warm.


Did you know that visiting Antarctica doesn’t require any visa? You’ll only need to bring the necessary documents including your passport and your health insurance. If you’re travelling by cruise, you will still need to bring your travel documents.


Antarctica is filled with many breathtaking scenes that you can only see once in a lifetime. Bringing a camera to capture and video your journey will be essential if you want to remember and look back on your travels. If you’re a serious photographer, we recommend bringing extra long lenses as this is ideal for capturing nature or wildlife from a distance.

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The best road trip destinations in the USA

san francisco

The USA is known for wide roads and one of the best countries for road trips as they have plenty of cities and towns that are accessible by car. If you’re planning a big road trip in the USA, there are some places that you cannot miss! To help you have the best experience in the USA, we’ve listed the top places to see for your road trip.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a cool city that you should visit. Although the area may be a little bit hilly, it’s still an accessible city for car drivers. There are plenty of things to see and explore while you’re in the area. You can also find affordable accommodations to rent if you’re planning to stay for a few days.


Seattle is surrounded by water, and it offers a wide range of water and sightseeing activities including, kayaking, cruise tour and many more. The city is also known for its great high way system which is perfect for anyone venturing on a road trip.


Portland is home to some of the best fine arts in the USA. It also offers a massive range of restaurants dotted all over the city. The area is another place that you can easily get around to by car. If you’re into arts, theatres and music, this place is a must see.


Mountains and snow surround Denver during winter, and it’s a great place to visit for anyone who is fond of nature. In colder months, the mountains are normally covered in snow. However, if you visit around summertime, you’re most likely to get a better view of their stunning mountains. When driving into the central city, you will find plenty of things to do and see including their art museums, parks and many more.

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Top places to visit in Europe

neuschwanstein germany

Europe is filled with a variety of cultures and places to explore. If you’re looking to plan a full Europe trip, we recommend visiting the following countries below.


Neuschwanstein in the Bavarian Alps is the dreamer’s wonderland. A fairy-tale castle for all Cinderellas is here, and the creative vacationer will not be disappointed. The castle is of medieval architecture, and the landscape is something most visitors have not experienced before. If the goal of a vacation is to get away from it all, then this may be the ultimate place for some. Walking into fairy-land, even for a few hours, may be all that is needed to escape any back home reality of work and routine. Children especially enjoy such a wonderland.

United Kingdom

If you’re looking for a short relaxing break, Lincolnshire is the best place for you. UK’s second largest county has a myriad of places to visit and exciting attractions. It also has a range of award-winning guest houses and B&Bs in Lincoln that you can readily book online. From the iconic Lincoln cathedral to the stunning Skegness coastline; discover all that this destination has to offer.


The Parthenon in Greece is a second European destination that is other-worldly. This is a fifth-century BC marble temple built to the goddess Athena. The temple was damaged at the end of the seventeenth century AD. Today this monument stands in an altered condition, but there are still beautiful architectural features that may be alluring to the history-buff visitor.

ZakynthosHowever, if you want the type of Greek holiday where you can escape to paradise and relax in a private luxury hotel or villa, then why not consider the beautiful island of Zakynthos. Porto Zante has a range of exclusive accommodation, including 5 star and spa hotels on Zakynthos.


If you love the picturesque views of the mountains, we highly recommend the French Alps. This place caters for accommodation for families, couples and backpackers and full of activities to do. One of the most popular to choose from is skiing, and there are many high quality catered ski chalets to choose from. So whether you’re there to relax in the beautiful, peaceful area or would love to ski and snowboard, then this is one of the top places to choose from.

There may be logistical details that need to be determined, such as when to arrive to avoid long lines. Planning for the transportation to and from such a far away destination may be at the top of any list of critical to do’s. Arriving at the castle may be achieved by walking a thirty-minute well-marked trail. Arrival to the medieval castle can, also, be gained by taking a site bus.


Turkey is another excellent place to visit, which encompasses Southeastern Europe and Western Asia – it is the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. Boasting 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Archeological sites of Troy, Historic Areas of Istanbul and Mount Nemrut amongst others.

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