Top places to visit in Europe

neuschwanstein germany

Europe is filled with a variety of cultures and places to explore. If you’re looking to plan a full Europe trip, we recommend visiting the following countries below.


Neuschwanstein in the Bavarian Alps is the dreamer’s wonderland. A fairy-tale castle for all Cinderellas is here, and the creative vacationer will not be disappointed. The castle is of medieval architecture, and the landscape is something most visitors have not experienced before. If the goal of a vacation is to get away from it all, then this may be the ultimate place for some. Walking into fairy-land, even for a few hours, may be all that is needed to escape any back home reality of work and routine. Children especially enjoy such a wonderland.

United Kingdom

If you’re looking for a short relaxing break, Lincolnshire is the best place for you. UK’s second largest county has a myriad of places to visit and exciting attractions. It also has a range of award-winning guest houses and B&Bs in Lincoln that you can readily book online. From the iconic Lincoln cathedral to the stunning Skegness coastline; discover all that this destination has to offer.


The Parthenon in Greece is a second European destination that is other-worldly. This is a fifth-century BC marble temple built to the goddess Athena. The temple was damaged at the end of the seventeenth century AD. Today this monument stands in an altered condition, but there are still beautiful architectural features that may be alluring to the history-buff visitor.

ZakynthosHowever, if you want the type of Greek holiday where you can escape to paradise and relax in a private luxury hotel or villa, then why not consider the beautiful island of Zakynthos. Porto Zante has a range of exclusive accommodation, including 5 star and spa hotels on Zakynthos.


If you love the picturesque views of the mountains, we highly recommend the French Alps. This place caters for accommodation for families, couples and backpackers and full of activities to do. One of the most popular to choose from is skiing, and there are many high quality catered ski chalets to choose from. So whether you’re there to relax in the beautiful, peaceful area or would love to ski and snowboard, then this is one of the top places to choose from.

There may be logistical details that need to be determined, such as when to arrive to avoid long lines. Planning for the transportation to and from such a far away destination may be at the top of any list of critical to do’s. Arriving at the castle may be achieved by walking a thirty-minute well-marked trail. Arrival to the medieval castle can, also, be gained by taking a site bus.


Turkey is another excellent place to visit, which encompasses Southeastern Europe and Western Asia – it is the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. Boasting 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Archeological sites of Troy, Historic Areas of Istanbul and Mount Nemrut amongst others.

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