The best road trip destinations in the USA

san francisco

The USA is known for wide roads and one of the best countries for road trips as they have plenty of cities and towns that are accessible by car. If you’re planning a big road trip in the USA, there are some places that you cannot miss! To help you have the best experience in the USA, we’ve listed the top places to see for your road trip.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a cool city that you should visit. Although the area may be a little bit hilly, it’s still an accessible city for car drivers. There are plenty of things to see and explore while you’re in the area. You can also find affordable accommodations to rent if you’re planning to stay for a few days.


Seattle is surrounded by water, and it offers a wide range of water and sightseeing activities including, kayaking, cruise tour and many more. The city is also known for its great high way system which is perfect for anyone venturing on a road trip.


Portland is home to some of the best fine arts in the USA. It also offers a massive range of restaurants dotted all over the city. The area is another place that you can easily get around to by car. If you’re into arts, theatres and music, this place is a must see.


Mountains and snow surround Denver during winter, and it’s a great place to visit for anyone who is fond of nature. In colder months, the mountains are normally covered in snow. However, if you visit around summertime, you’re most likely to get a better view of their stunning mountains. When driving into the central city, you will find plenty of things to do and see including their art museums, parks and many more.

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